Low band + 5.6GHz July activity weekend

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Re: Low band + 5.6GHz July activity weekend

Post by G4FKK » Sat Jul 10, 2021 12:17 am

I'll be on from home in the morning on 146.500. Also got 4m and 70cm. IO91wi; Carshalton-on-the-Hill. I think I'm on Zello under my callsign.

Martin - G4FKK

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Re: Low band + 5.6GHz July activity weekend

Post by M0DTS » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:43 am

It was not the most productive outing but i did manage a few QSO's :)
Fortunately the thunderstorms passed just to the west of me, packing up was only just completed before the downpour started!

SWR was poor across most of 6m band and the only reason seems to be proximity to the van de-tuning it LF.
I couldn't lift the mast up with it fitted right at the top so had to compromise - smaller 6m yagi required!
1x 1-way QSO with Clive G4FVP at 50.6MHz, it was some 10dB worse at 51.7... probably a combination of both our antenna gains at this freq.
I plan to plot a sweep of gain vs freq for my 5el LFA Yagi, could be interesting.

1x 2-way qso on 146MHz with Clive, no problems there.
Only my carrier was detected by the more southern stations, poor conditions.
Mike's signal was detectable but only ~1dB/noise on the portsdown band viewer.

A nice surprise was Bob, G4PDF who went out portable and we worked 106km path at P5 both ways on 6cm :-)


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