OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

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OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

Post by oe8scq » Thu May 09, 2024 10:34 am

I've been trying to install opentuner V0.A on one of my Windows computers for a few days.
Everything works smoothly when I work with the FTDIs. However, when I try a Minitiuoner with RPI-PICO, opentuner crashes immediately after clicking the connect button.
I have already successfully installed opentuner v0.A on several other Windows PCs - there were no problems with the RPI-Pico either.
I attached some files. you can find screenshots showing the error messages and information about the system configuration.
It seems to be something about libusb-1.0... but what?

And how can I solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for every hint.

73 de Christian, oe8scq
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Re: OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

Post by g4eml » Thu May 09, 2024 4:04 pm

I thought that Tim included libusb_1.0.dll in the package but maybe not. Most PCs will already have it but maybe not all of them.

The forum software won't let me attach a .DLL file but you should be able to find it on another PC. Possibly in the Windows/system32 folder.

Just copy the DLL file into the same directory as OpenTuner and it should work.

Colin G4EML

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Re: OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

Post by oe8scq » Wed May 15, 2024 10:06 am

Hi Colin!

Thanks for the reply and sorry for answering that late.
There is in fact a libusb_1.0.dll coming with the installation package.
The file is already within the same directory as opentuner.exe and as one of my first attempts to solve the problem
I placed a copy of this dll in C:\Windows\System32.
But for some reason, this did not change anything.

So this is still work in progress ...

mny thx, vy 73 de Christian, oe8scq

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Re: OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

Post by Basil » Wed May 15, 2024 12:13 pm

I don't know if this is going to help, but here's a screenshot of my libUSB files and sizes from a working OT 0.A application.

The only crash issues I have had on start up were when I had changed the order of the decoder windows.

Here's a screenshot, good luck!

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Re: OpenTuner 0.A + libusb_1.0.dll

Post by oe8scq » Thu May 16, 2024 8:30 pm

Hi Basil!

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem, but it helped. as I now know that the files in my installation directory are probably correct. I have now switched my Windows to English to make the screenshots here in the forum easier to read.

It may be due to the chipset used in this Lenovo Thinkcenter (see the corresponding attachment for system information).
Since I couldn't notice such behavior on any other PC I installed OpenTuner in the meantime
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