UDP output to VLC issue.

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UDP output to VLC issue.

Post by Basil » Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:44 am

All of a sudden some receptions, when I turn on UDP streaming in my Minitioune software, VLC Vetinari shows a few frames then freezes.

After ages fiddling I enabled VLC logging and searched the error (direct3D11 : SetThumbNailClip failed) found in the log on Google. A few replies suggested going into VLC preferences and under Input / Codecs setting Hardware Accelerated Decoding to Disabled.

This seems to have fixed it, why has this been necessary when all was fine until recently, and I am unaware of changing anything?> Some receptions, like the beacon now often stream and show in VLC fine, without the Preferences change, many did not. Has this change impacted quality of the viewed signal?

I am now going to put myself up for ridicule from the more knowledgeable folk, but if you don't ask, you don't learn :)

If I view a transmission in the Minitioune software direct, is the Minitiouner doing all the decoding, but if I set the Minitioune button to UDP stream to VLC, my main PC is doing the decoding, and that's why some receptions that stutter viewed direct in Minitioune, are resolved fine in VLC?

Thanks, be kind please...

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