Ryde Rx repairs

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Ryde Rx repairs

Post by G3GJA » Tue Jan 18, 2022 1:15 pm

GB3EY's receiver underwent surgery over the weekend of the 15/16th January.

The Minitioune PCB was replaced and a new SD card was installed with the latest version of Buster and the Ryde software.

A small fan was fitted at one end of the receiver box and vent holes punched in the top cover at the other end. Brass mesh was placed over the apertures to maintain screening. This should help keep the tuner and Pi cooler during the summer months.

A 15dB attenuator was fitted on the input of the tuner module as the gain of the Kuhne preamp is too high at 32dB.

The site hut was fitted with a higher capacity fan to help with cooling. The original had developed noisy bearings so the opportunity was taken to upgrade before the fan seized.

Clive G3GJA

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