Cheap 1Gbit 4 port hub

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Cheap 1Gbit 4 port hub

Post by G7JTT » Sat May 01, 2021 8:20 am

Morning all,

Many of us will be using the IPTSin option on the Portsdown to supply a TS stream generated on a PC using OBS/Vmix etc. This requires that the PC and the Portsdown be on the same network and if this is the same network used by the rest of the family it can cause issues if traffic is high. So some time back Dave G8GQK loaned me an old router that had a 4 port 10/100 hub as well .

So basically the WiFi is turned off in the router and all the device's I want to use on the hub are assigned fixed IP's in one of the routers menu's. This has worked great and has had the added advantage of being totally private as it has no internet access. Well with the resent laptop upgrade I now have a gigabit Ethernet port (not forgetting so does the Pi4), so a quick look on eBay I found the following old router, Hyperoptic 1GB Fibre Broadband Router ZTE ZXHN H298N. Put a bid on and with p&p it came to just under £5 !

Once it arrived a quick look through the menu's and I now have it configured as the last router I was using, but now running at 1Gbit so nice cheap upgrade. There will be plenty of other old routers out there that may be able to be used in the same way and if cheap enough maybe worth a pop ? If all else failed with this purchase I'd of got a 12v 1A supply and a couple of network leads that could of been used elsewhere.

Hope this is of use to others and maybe if you find a router that works let others know as well 👍

73 John G7JTT

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Re: Cheap 1Gbit 4 port hub

Post by g8lce » Mon May 03, 2021 9:55 am

Most routers with 4 LAN ports will work like this, it is just the speed you have to watch out for.

Martin G8LCE

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