Tandberg/CISCO VTC Cameras - Stand-alone Operation?

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Tandberg/CISCO VTC Cameras - Stand-alone Operation?

Post by G8GKQ » Sat Feb 06, 2021 5:54 pm

I have 2 HD VTC Cameras that have great potential (PTZ, HD Video Sensors, HDMI output), but have been unable to make them work in stand-alone mode. I do not have the original VTC control units. Photo below.

The first is a Tandberg TTC8-01 with matching TRC 3 remote control. I have tried controlling it from the serial port (9K6 and 115K2 using the codes in the manual), and also from the remote control, but it does nothing. No serial response, no reset of camera position and no HDMI output. The PCB seems to be alive inside with all power supplies intact and some of the status lights blinking.

The second is a very similar Cisco TTC8-02. The serial port does not have idle voltage on it, but occasionally it resets the camera position on power-up. Again, nothing on the HDMI.

Does anybody have any experience of making these cameras work as stand-alone HDMI PTZ cameras?


Dave, G8GKQ
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Re: Tandberg/CISCO VTC Cameras - Stand-alone Operation?

Post by KA5BBC » Tue Feb 23, 2021 12:46 pm

I currently use three of these cameras, two like the ones you have shown and one of the smaller ones from an SX-20. I've been recommending them as a good cheap source of HD PTZ cameras.
They work very well as standalone cameras. I have managed to use the HDMI to CIS interface on the Portsdown but I have yet to purchase an SDI to CIS interface to try that.
The PTZ works well from the remote but if you have more than one camera setup they will all respond.

Having written that.. The first thing that stuck out in your post is that you wrote that to the heads do not always reposition when turned on. All of mine moves the heads around and settle in a neutral position when turned on and I believe that this is normal behavior. Try moving them out of position manually before plugging them in and see if they return once turned on. If not this could be a problem with either the motors or the sensors.
The second thing that stuck out was you said there is no HDMI output. Have you tried adjusting the resolution and frequency using the dip switches on the bottom? I've had to do this several times depending on which picture equipment I'm actually plugged into and whether I'm using HDMI or SDI.
I have not yet tried serial or IP control but I do know that there are several non-Cisco software options that can control them (I can not remember them off hand).

I am currently working on getting my SX-20 setup working on Webex in the hope that it can be used as an IP gateway to the repeater similar to EchoLink/AllStar for nets. Hopefully it will open up an option for many people.

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Re: Tandberg/CISCO VTC Cameras - Stand-alone Operation?

Post by SkyVision » Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:55 pm

It's just picture and not sound at the HDMI?
Is that right?
Roger VK5YYY

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Re: Tandberg/CISCO VTC Cameras - Stand-alone Operation?

Post by KA5BBC » Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:20 pm

Yes, there is no sound from the camera. The control devices that went with these had a separate mic input.

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