Discussion about this major DATV Project. See also https://wiki.batc.org.uk/The_Portsdown_Transmitter
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Post by KA5BBC » Sun May 31, 2020 4:12 pm

I have been looking at the new VMAC ESP32 from Hamkit.co.uk..

From what I have read and my experience with the VMAC 2.4 I believe that this could be the new input source selector for the Portsdown etc feeding the EasyCap... 5 AV inputs, OSD, DTMF decoder, option of RVA or BNC inputs and a whole load more... and the possibility of being controlled by the Portsdown software if the right code is provided.

Additionally... The Wifi/BT module opens up the possibility of an Android/iOS app to control the input and PTT function of the Portsdown... Or even using the phone/tablet mic & camera..

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