Powerwave NTUM30AA 2GHz amplifier

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Powerwave NTUM30AA 2GHz amplifier

Post by g6crf » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:05 pm

Hi all,
I have dug out my old Powerwave amplifier in the hope that someone can help me.
It looks very much like the REMEC and Andrews Cellular amplifiers on the outside but looks very different internally.

It is marked on the filter at the front as 2090-2190 (I assume that means MHz) and on the PA board along with 4 SRF7068S outputs and a single one for the driver there is a small square block marked 2.14 (I guess this is some sort of filter too).

Does anyone have an ideas how to modify this beastie to 2.4GHz, how much of the amp can I use, e.g. can I use the early stages of the amp and not just the main board so that I can get some major gain as I will be starting from sub milliWatt level with a pluto.

I did find something about the main board but it is in French and is not particularly detailed and therefore not enough to allow me to work it out for myself.

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