Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

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Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

Post by G3YQC » Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:46 pm

I'm trying to view received video, full screen, on a second PC connected to my local network.

I have set the IP address of my main PC in the Scan&Tune.ini file (which in my case is

When running VLC on my second PC I cannot set it to display the received video. In VLC I go to Media/Open Network Stream... and In URL I type udp:// but I see nothing on the screen.

Can somebody please explain where I'm going wrong?

Thanks and 73 John G3YQC

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Re: Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

Post by G4EWJ » Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:16 pm

>> I type udp://

It needs an @ in there. I don't actually know why: udp://@

232 is a broadcast address, so you don't need to put the receiving PC's address in the settings. There could be several listeners.

What exactly did you change? If it still says UDP in the top right corner, you're probably OK.


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Re: Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

Post by G3YQC » Sun Apr 19, 2020 8:54 pm

Hi Brian and very many thanks for the info. It works a treat!

I find it very frustrating that we're often told WHAT can be done, but seldom any instructions as to HOW.

Thanks once again and best 73
John G3YQC

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Re: Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

Post by Phil-G8XTW » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:29 am

UDP address problems.
I successfully loaded the Scan & Tioune software and verified that I had the 32 bit version of VLC loaded on my Win 7 64 bit box with wired Ethernet and with the MiniTiouner connected as was working well, but no picture.
UDP was streaming to the default setting in the .ini file - no error messages and no picture.

After a day of headscratching and input from G6KMM we changed the UDP address in the .ini file
ie old Conf_AddrUDP=
new Conf_AddrUDP=
and that fixed the problem. Great pictures and very innovative software.
Perhaps the accompanying notes could be updated for new users to try this address if the default does not work.

Phil, G8XTW

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Re: Scan&Tune UDP Streaming

Post by g0mjw » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:57 pm

Yes. It's doubtlessly obvious to use the loopback address to everyone intimately familiar with internet protocols. Not to everyone else. Best add it to the Wiki. Even more useful a pre-defined ini file that covers this and a few other tweaks might be helpful. I am at work at the moment so can't look at this just yet.


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