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Trevor Brown shared a link.
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CQ-DATV 71 is now available for download from https://www.cq-datv.mobi/71.php

In this issue
Trevor as dived a little deeper into the Grass Valley Control panel and is the exploring the GVG push buttons and how they are addressed. This article started back in CQ-DATV 68 when TrevorI outlined the idea of looking at a specific surplus vision mixer control panel the GVG 100, the 110 and 1000
Dan Rapak WA3ATV introduces the Mid-Atlantic ATV Group, this is a coalition of amateur radio operators in the north-eastern United States interested in experimenting with and promoting activity in digital television transmissions.
Herbert Hommel DL4AWK investigate whether and to what extent the Eachine device is suitable for minimizing problems with the ATV repeater DB0THA. The full article is in this issue.
Jim Andrews, KH6HTV has produced series on TV propagation, that started in CQ-DATV 70. The next two parts will discuss computer programs which allow us to easily compute the anticipated path loss for a particular real world path.
The DATV-Express Project continues and Ken Konechy W6HHC reports that Art WA8RMC is “in the middle of” testing of MiniTiouner-Express PCBAs, the DATV receiver/analyser for DVB-S/DVB-S2.
Rudi Pavlič, Stefan and others have provided some useful links and information for DATV receivers and transmitters for Es’Hail2
From TV for Amateurs Herbert Hommel DL4AWK shares his experiences with the conversion and use of PLL-LNBs.
Gary Sutton WB5PJB looks at Video Transmission Using IP with off-the-shelf Devices

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