LeCroy WaveRunner2 LT374M 4CH 500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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LeCroy WaveRunner2 LT374M 4CH 500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Post by G1BVI » Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:24 pm

Posting on behalf of a work colleague......
If you are interested PM me and I will put you in contact with him.

- 4 Channels with 500MHz analogue BW
- 4GSa/s max sample rate
- ‘M’ Memory Option = 1/2/4Mpts
- 8.4” TFT display with single, dual, quad 8x grid
- SMARTTriggers™
- Persistence mode (color/monochrome) in 256 gradients/colours
- Math on math, up to four math functions
- Comes with the following Options:
o WAVA (Wave Analyzer), includes:
 EMM (Extended Math and Measurements) – enables FFT up to 4Mpts, Histograms (up to 2B events) and Trending as well as additional math tools
o DFP (Digital Filter Package) – implements a set of FIR filters
o JTA (Jitter and Timing Analysis) – measure a wide range of timing parametersL cycle-to-cycle, period, frequency, time interval, width; use JitterTrack™ to plot parameter variation vs time
o PMSK (PolyMask Mask Testing) – pass/fail testing against complex, user-defined masks. Masks can be created with the free LeCroy MaskMaker™ utility for Windows.
o SMAP (Surface Map) – heat map/Waterfall diagram, helps to see changes over time
o PMT (Power Measurements) – wizard-driven analysis of power electronics like transmitters and motor control units
o DMOD (Demodulation and Vector Analysis Package) – enables analysis of complex modulated signals
o APT (Advanced Trigger Package)
o ENET (Ethernet Analysis) – analysis of Ethernet 100BaseT and 1000BaseT signals (within the scope’s BW limit)
o HDS (Hard Disk Support) – enables rear PCMCIA slot which can be used with a CF-to-PCMCIA adapter and CompactFlash™ memory card to store screen shots, settings and measurement data on a removable device

- Built-in graphics printer (no paper) and floppy untested, all other functions checked and work 100% fine.
- Scope comes with latest firmware installed and calibration until 7/19. Also included are four brand new 500MHz X10 passive probes


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