The value of spectrum!

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The value of spectrum!

Post by g8gtz » Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:06 pm

Murray G6JYB - RSGB spectrum manager - posted some interesting facts from Ofcom today:

The 3.4GHz band (where the amateur band is 10MHz wide and we have several TV repeaters licensed) is the core one for next-generation 5G mobile broadband starting at 3410 MHz.

In the auction earlier this year for the right to use it, the network operators paid ~£8m/MHz. On top of that, Ofcom have just announced there will be an annual fee to use of £358k / MHz / year (or a total of £43m a year for UK Broadband/Hutchison-Three)

So the 10MHz amateur band would have cost £80m plus an annual fee of £3.5m!! ... z-spectrum

Meanwhile lower down the frequency range Ofcom are proposing in ... 0-1800-mhz

900 MHz: £1.093m per MHz per annum (approx 35 MHz each between Vodafone and O2)

1800 MHz: £0.805m per MHz per annum (90MHz used by EE customers)

Imagine what 70cms is worth - and Ofcom are looking at our band occupancy there - so next time you can't be bothered to get on the air, just remember how fortunate we are - and it really is a case of use it or loose it.

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Re: The value of spectrum!

Post by G8DKC » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:23 pm

All read and understood.

That's it "can't be bothered to get on the air".

Listen to the moans when it's gone...

Still you must be trying, nearly 1,000 posts, that's worth a pint :D


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