G4DDK Nacton Transverter on 71MHz

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G4DDK Nacton Transverter on 71MHz

Post by G4FRE » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:57 pm

After previously experiencing the consequences of insufficient filtering on my 4m RB-TV down converter, I started to look in the"previous projects box for alternatives. I came across my old Nacton 70/28MHz Transverter and wondered if I could modify it for 71/437 MHz up and down converter operation. I removed the 42MHz xtal and disabled the onboard oscillator. The needed L.O. was provided by an AD4351 oscillator board, programmed to 366 MHz. The onboard 42 MHz BPF was changed to a 366MHz BPF. Transmit down conversion needed no further modification and produced the expected 50mW output. 71 to 437 upconversion needed the post mixer 28MHz BPF changing to a 437Mhz BPF, the converter gave 2.2dB NF with 18dB gain.

I took the Transverter and a dipole on my trip to the Rugby Rally last month. Using the adalm pluto, with predriver (mine produces -10dBm only) and a 30w Module Amplifier into an HB9CV beaming East from home, signals were easily seen over the 69km path.

Next I want to make the LO switchable 366/362Mhz so I can also listen to the 4m beacons to check system performance

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