WRC-19: Please respond to Ofcom

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WRC-19: Please respond to Ofcom

Post by g6jyb » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:49 pm


If you want the opportunity to experiment further at VHF then you need to convince Ofcom that access to some part of 52-54 MHz is an innovative and worthy goal

At present the Ofcom Consulation for WRC-19 simply does not recognise innovation or future potential whatseover in its text and Question-23 for Agenda Item 1.1 concerning 50MHz
Please make a polite/positive case as to why they should care and support UK innovation etc

Deadline is Sept-13th - please dont leave it too late

Many thanks

Murray G6JYB

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Re: WRC-19: Please respond to Ofcom

Post by g0mjw » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:03 am

Do we really really want it, or do we just want more for the sake of it because that's what is available in Regions 2 and 3? I don't understand why RSGB are prioritising this rather than many more important issues higher up in the spectrum.

There is an assumption that amateurs actually want and need this extra spectrum. I recall the grumblings around amateurs always asking for more spectrum at the last WRC. Amateur spectrum is never going to be a national priority and perhaps already gets more support than it deserves; we don't want to be looked at too closely. Ofcom are not actively opposing the agenda item, we should recognise this and thank them for their support in any contributions.

Isn't the real problem the upper part of our current allocation is hard to use? In Europe, we currently don't use all of the existing 2 MHz, mostly just the small portion towards the bottom, so what is the argument for an extra 2 MHz? I don't see it for DATV if we could use the upper MHz we have already. There is an argument for upgrading the amateur status in 50.5-52MHz to make it easier to use for wideband applications etc. A more pragmatic approach would be to seek support for a co-primary allocation in Region 1. That is within the scope of this agenda item and would provide more than enough space for innovation as long is it isn't fragmented with a band plan not allowing for wideband use. At the moment, the RSGB have filled it up with repeaters and FM channels, making wideband use much harder than it need be.

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