CQ-DATV 54 out now

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CQ-DATV 54 out now

Post by g8cjs » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:26 pm

CQ-DATV 54, the Christmas edition of our free ATV magazine is now available for download from http://cq-datv.mobi/54.php
In this issue, we have continued with Micro Corner and this time it's Mike G7GTN and he has contrasted the ESP8266 micro with its new bigger brother, the ESP32, which has advantages on offer for more complex project designs. Mike also proposes an ESP32 Development board to assist with developing ESP32 based projects. The proposed Euro card (100 x 160MM) sized
PCB is to lessen the need to have larger breadboard configurations scattered all over your work bench area.

Brian Jordan G4EWB has created DigiTwist as a satellite dish tracking solution that emulates the Catapult dish at Goonhilly Down with two domestic horizontal rotors at right angles, so he can track ISS passes.

John Hudson G3RFL is back in the shack. Sadly his copy has been absent from the last couple of magazines, but it seems he now has a new bit in his soldering iron and is keen to try it out. This time it’s a home constructed RSSI power detector, just what every ham is hoping to find under his Christmas tree, but well those elves electronic skills are just not what they once were, so our advice is if this project is for you, let your fingers do the roaming (on eBay of course) and start building. Don’t leave it to chance, one might not turn up under the tree on Christmas morning, just not worth taking the risk.

Trevor has adopted the Christmas spirit! We are not sure if it's Christmas Present or Christmas Past as he revisits making a Christmas video that can be edited in Openshot. This is a blast back to issue one, but such advice is always ongoing and needs revisiting and revising as we learn new camera tricks.

Mike G7GTN has also been investigating a button box that interfaces to a USB port to provide an external control surface for applications such as Vmix. Well pressing buttons is so much more television than cutting live video on a computer keyboard and it opens the door to breathing new life into old control panels from long ago redundant equipment.

Ken W6HCC has reported that interest in DATV express has waned and support has moved to two new DATV products. The Analogue Devices ADALM-PLUTO SDR Tx/Rx that may become available again in first week in January at a price of US$100 or US$150. The Lime Micro mini Lime SDR Tx/Rx is rumoured to ship in mid January at a price of US$140. Both of these new SDR boards will be lower priced than the DATV Express Tx only board (US$300).

This along with all the DATV news completes CQ-DATV 54, our Christmas edition, so as we always say sit back and enjoy the last issue for 2017 and let's all wish for many more issues in 2018.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from
production team and 2017 contributors

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