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CQ-DATV 49 is available for download from http://cq-datv.mobi/49.php
In this issue is :-

• Editorial
• TV Amateur
• DATV News
• Amateur Television Quarterly
• Micro corner
• DCC (Digital Communications Conference) 2017 Flyer
• An FM TV transmitter using the HB 100
• DKARS advert
• Write for the CQ-DATV Magazine
• DATV-Express Project - May update report
• DATV Express advert
• Information
• Coming up

I think most of you realise we work with a very small production team here at CQ-DATV and one member has just had an operation that he thought would not stop him finishing a contribution the following day and it did, so Micro Corner has been held over to CQ-DATV 50. Also copy from readers seems to have dried up leaving us with a thin magazine, but never the less interesting as always. Our worry is that CQ-DATV 50 might have a front cover looking like the graphic an becoming our last edition. It's really up to you, we need to know, what ATV is happening in your part of the world, any projects that you have constructed, and projects you feel others ought to design. It's not all about ATV we have a lot of professional TV engineers on our facebook and presumably among our readers, how about writing something for CQ-DATV. As always the contribution address is editor@CQ-DATV.mobi...we look forward to hearing from you.
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