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CQ-DATV is now available for free download from

We have continued our learning and experimental section Micro Corner. This time Trevor has taken the step expanding his planning of an internet controlled ATV repeater, by developing an I2c interfaced motor control, suitable for rotating a small aerial.

Ken W6HCC has been looking at DATV repeaters in the USA, where there are now 14 active DATV repeaters including 12 DVB-T repeaters.

Dave G3ZGZ has been researching modern monitors and the annoying blue screen they produce when there is no video input, making it very difficult to peak up weak signals, that the monitor will not allow to be seen. Dave has come up with a very simple fix that can eliminate this undesirable effect.

Darko OE7DBH has produced some useful hints regarding DVB-T MER (Modulation Error Rate), which is a ratio of the average signal power to the average error power, we had best let him explain.

Rudi S58RU has asked the team to remind everyone that the IARU ATV contest that will be held from 10 June 12:00 UTC to 11 June 18:00 UTC. I hope this is enough warning for you all to get your ATV kit working and in particular your portable ATV kit,

We cannot close the April issue without a fun item and I hope Tools Explained provides you with just that, although in all humour there is an element of truth.
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