DTX1 Accessories - Special Show Offer

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DTX1 Accessories - Special Show Offer

Post by M0LDZ » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:25 pm

Hi everyone

Well CAT15 is rapidly approaching, and to complement the special offer from BATC on the DTX1, and our free TS_Dock PCB offer to members who purchase a DTX1 at Finningley, Antennair are also offering a massive discount on DTX-A23 amplifiers. http://www.dtx1.info/downloads/DTXA23.pdf

Normally £114 on our website, www.dtx1.info, we are offering these ONLY at the show for £85 :)

Payment can be made by old fashioned cash (banknotes preferred!) or we can take Credit Card payment or PayPal (technology permitting - it will depend on whether the PayPal gadget works OK on site, TBD).

Remember we are also happy to re-flash your DTX1 to support the TS-Dock add-on, so bring it along to our stand.

Looking forward to seeing you all, although as yet I don't know exactly where our table will be :?


Laurence M0LDZ (Antennair Ltd.)

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