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Updated 19 Jan 2015
GB3SQ is the ATV repeater for the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch areas. Original digital repeater application for the Pokesdown site went to ETCC in 2008. Coverage map is now on the ukrepeater/ETCC website.
The application went back to 'vetting' twice(Feb 2010 & Feb2011)incorporating changes requested by ETCC and to accommodate proposed changes to the 23cm Band Plan.The NoV has now been received.
The repeater has been built and financed by members of the Bournemouth Amateur Tv Group and is located at BH7 6LL some 500 yds south of my QTH site, and 10 metres higher.
Tests signals are run on 1304Mhz using 4Ms/s from 7pm-8pm each evening and are streamed on Net night is every Sunday from 8pm and is streamed.
As a power conservation measure, the repeater will be on standby (ie receiving but not transmitting) for 24/7 until a valid signal is received. In under 5 secs the transmitter will boot and operate. Output is digital only
Input was to be on 1244 Mhz 4Ms/s digital only ,chosen partly to avoid breaking into GB3IV (analog/digital 1249MHz) on the Isle of Wight. Now that IV has moved inland to HMS Collingwood we can no longer accidentally trigger the input so we are using the regular input frequency of 1249MHz digital until all members are ready to move to 1244MHz. It is hoped to move to 1244MHz in 2015.
There are plans to add a second input channel on 70cms digital. Details will be announced when the equipment is installed and working. This should assist those who have trouble accessing the repeater on 23cms due to a line of trees near the repeater site.
Idents are on screen and via morse on the audio channel every 10 minutes when transmitting.
After finishing a transmission, the user will simply drop carrier and the repeater will countdown (with on-screen timer) to the next Ident then return to standby unless another signal is received.
Every evening from 7pm to 8pm the repeater will transmit a carousel of test slides, videos and testcard if not in use. Main audio input is on Channel A (left).
Talkback is on 144.525 Mhz which is rebroadcast on digital audio channel B (right-hand channel) and also on streaming (right channel).
Currently transmitting using VPID:256 APID:257 PMTPID:4095 , a nationally agreed standard.
Full technical details, changes and times of transmissions on our website and
The single Alford slot aerial is run from the duplexer and preamp mounted under the eaves near the pole.
The repeater is now on and running since October 2013.

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