Repeater Details

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Repeater Details

Post by g1fef » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:35 am

GB3IV is run by the Solent Club for Amateur Radio and Television
(SCART). In May 2005 it replaced the UK's first repeater with a
digital option (GB3AT at Winchester), providing more facilities from
a superior site. It is located towards the Southern edge of the Isle
of Wight and can therefore beam Northwards into the main population
centres on the English central South Coast, resulting in its primary
coverage being from Sandbanks in the West to Chichester in the East
(see the coverage map on IV's beacon pages or our web site for more

IV is co-sited with the GB3IW voice repeater (70cm RB9) which we use
for talkback (because IV's coverage is sufficient that users on its
extremities cannot hear each other on 2 metres).

The Stenbury Site has a theoretical visual range of 90km in some
directions, so it would be impractical to operate on an "on demand"
basis (because most South Coast repeaters share at least one
frequency - and strong QRM into IV has been known from users
inputting other repeaters on adjacent frequencies)! We therefore
operate to the schedule listed on the beacon pages plus our web site.
This schedule not only reduces our power consumption by about 75% but
also encourages "Dx hunting" and working others during the Silence

Tragically our software genius G0GMK suddenly passed away when the
new gear was nearly ready to install and some essential codes died
with him but fortunately we were able to combine the key part of
Dave's software with a new set of DTMF-8 modules. This compromise
solution works surprisingly well (as long as users get round to
installing DTMF - but that's another story)!

The system is still being developed (within the constraint of
expensive travel, ferry charges etc) and is intended to not only
provide the default 23cm analogue service within the listed hours but
also to provide several other facilities to users equipped with 70cm
DTMF. Here is a summary of what is available now and what is
currently planned, DTMF-selectable facilities are indicated by #.

23cm analogue input and output (the default system)
23cm digital input and output alternatives #
Auto-routing of bands, modes and aerials #
3cm analogue or digital input #
3cm Rx fixed dish beamed on GB3SQ at Bournemouth # (if/when licensed
by "the powers that be")!
Steerable, zoomable camera with 3cm dish #
Selectable TBC, colour bars, timer override and reset to defaults #

70cm digital input beamed Northeast # (currently being updated)
70cm digital input beamed towards France #
3cm analogue or digital output #
Choice of four 3cm Rx beam patterns/directions #

Finally: All are welcome to join us at the SCART meetings which take
place on the third Tuesday of every month - a lot of practical help
is available to newcomers to the hobby plus more experienced ATVers
in a relaxed informal setting.

Please also remember that we have a SCART Net every Monday at 8pm UK
time, which is streamed via: > Repeaters > GB3IV and our
web site:

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Re: Repeater Details

Post by G8GKQ » Mon May 27, 2013 5:15 pm

Previous (outdated) details for the record:

INPUTS: (DTMF-selected = #, Planned = *)
1249MHz: FM (default) or 4m/s QPSK# - AEs: Antec Plates, 350 degrees
10065MHz: FM# or 4m/s QPSK# - AEs: Solent wide beam#, steerable dish#
or "GB3SQ" fixed dish#
437MHz: 2m/s QPSK; DTMF 434.55MHz - AEs: NE Yagi# or towards France#*

1316MHz: FM (default) or 4m/s QPSK# (100W max) - AEs: Plates 350
degrees (to avoid GB3VR, Gatwick
& Pease Pottage Radars)
10365MHz:* FM# or 4m/s QPSK# (100W max)

Main 23cm coverage: Sandbanks (Poole) to Chichester, 280 to 040 degrees
Steerable camera# (gives excellent Island views in good weather)
Normal hours: From xx:45 to xx:15 each hour from 10:45am until
00:15am (DTMF-extendable)
Talkback: via GB3IW (co-sited), 433.225MHz (RB9); Activity night:
Mondays at 8pm
Watch live via: > Repeaters > GB3IV or > Live (SCART's web site)

See more recent posts for updates.


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Re: Repeater Details

Post by G8GKQ » Mon May 27, 2013 5:18 pm

On 2 April 2013, an NoV application was submitted to move GB3IV (23cm only). The application stated:

The scheduled permanent closure of the Stenbury IoW site of GB3IW and GB3IV on March 16th 2013 (not caused by the SCART Club) is the reason for this Application, which is effectively to transfer GB3IV's existing station (less 3cm equipment) from Stenbury across the Solent to RNARS in order to continue its Solent Area coverage.

Full details at


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