Latest firmware release & upload tool

Help and support for the BATC DTX1 ATV digital encoder and modulator system
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Latest firmware release & upload tool

Post by M1EGI » Sun Aug 20, 2023 9:20 pm


Bit of a long shot, as this kit is now old-hat...
BUT, does anyone reading this have a copy of the last known (full release, not beta) firmware for the DTX1?
This particular unit has version 01.00.03 firmware on it, and I can see from the forum there was a version number of 01.00.05 dated 28/1/16, but anything newer than then?

From reading the forum, I understand they also developed a nice Windows app to make uploading the firmware easier, again, this would be nice to get a copy of if anyone has it saved?

Finally, I have a PDF copy of the user manual which is issue 1.2, is there a newer revision of this?

I've tried the wiki, but very little support on there for the DTX1!

Hoping somebody out there has a good archive!

73 Gary M1EGI

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