GB3EY operational

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GB3EY operational

Post by G3GJA » Sat Dec 18, 2021 11:07 pm

GB3EY was returned to service after repair and upgrade at 1530 UTC 18/12/2021

The repeater has had the following work done to it:
  • 1. Replacement RA18H1213G module used as driver to the PA; original was dropping gain intermittently by 4dB
    2. Transmit chain gain optimised; one pre-driver removed and bias adjusted to reduce shoulders and improve linearity
    3. Larger, more powerful fan fitted to PA heatsink; cooling improved for summer months
    4. Tx inter-digital bandpass filter fitted to improve isolation and eliminate desnse
    5. Pre-amp between duplxer and Rx bandpass filter changed from PGA103 to Kuhne unit previously used on the old analogue repeater
    6. Ryde external audio amplifier gain increased; s/n on audio improved

Clive G3GJA / G8EQZ

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