Thanks to the GB3KM repeater

Locator: IO94EQ
Location: 200m ASL, Kirk Merrington, County Durham

Inputs: 6 X Inputs available (any four available simultaneously in quad picture and sound)
1.280GHz - FM & Digital 4m/s
2.328GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
2.388GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
10.315GHz - FM & Digital 4m/s Omni Slotted Waveguide

2.440GHz - Omni Alfort Slot - FM -
10.065GHz - Omni Slotted Waveguide - FM
3.406GHz - Omni Digital DVB-S 4m/s

Watch Live at:
No Activity night as of yet... Activity is usually Mid Afternoon / Late Evenings

Web site:
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Thanks to the GB3KM repeater

Post by G0DJA » Sat May 10, 2008 10:07 pm

Well, after messing about on the 23cm CW beacons,and hearing one Scandinavian beacon, the guys at GB3KM really made my day...

They could see my poor TV pictures, and throw back some nice pictures in this direction as well.

I *really* must change the 60 Watt bulb in the shack at some point. :-)

Dave (G0DJA)

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G1LPS Terry
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Re: Thanks to the GB3KM repeater

Post by G1LPS Terry » Sun May 11, 2008 6:10 pm

Dave it was great to see your pictures into KM and work you simplex back on 23cm. I was amazed at how solid the signal was with no fading. Didnt see any sign of VL though which usually comes in to the KM location very well under lift.
Dave via GB3KM DX
Dave via GB3KM DX
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