CQ-DATV 56 out now

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CQ-DATV 56 out now

Post by g8cjs » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:05 pm

CQ-DATV 56 is now available for free download from http://www.cq-datv.mobi/56.php

It’s our 5th Birthday. Our first magazine was published in February 2013. all the back issues are available on our download site. So happy Birthday, lets hope we have lots more to come.


In this issue :-

News and World Round-up
Basic VMIX Software IR Remote Controller
Ham MESH Status in Central Ohio
Antenna Polar Diagram Plotter
DATV-Express Project - December update report
DKARS advert
TV Video Connectors
TV Amateur
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Re: CQ-DATV 56 out now

Post by g8gtz » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:24 pm


I note on page 4 of this issue that you have re-printed a post I made on the BATC forum about the new BATC Web Site without asking for permission to do so and added an editorial comment which is in error and grossly misleading.

The new BATC site, contrary to your comments, can stream using either HTML5 or flash. The individual stream owner will have the choice of selecting Flash when they consider minimum time delay to be more critical, such as a repeater stream, than the ability to deliver a delayed HTML5 stream for easy viewing on mobile devices.

Also, it is not true to say Flash “is unusable on Apple and Android devices” as alternative browsers / viewers, such as Puffin or VLC, can be used on iOS devices to receive Flash streams such as the current BATC.TV channels.

Finally the new BATC site uses https, allowing flash to be enabled in browsers for the BATC site only, thus maintaining browser security.

Can you therefore either re-issue this edition or in the next issue, publish an apology for using the piece without permission and correct the technical inaccuracies so that your readers are not mislead as to the capabilities on the new BATC streamer.

And for the record, in the interest of "working together", we would have been pleased to give you a technically accurate description of the new site for publication – but you never asked....

Noel - G8GTZ
BATC Chair

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