Wanted - Digilite

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Wanted - Digilite

Post by g8gtz » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:16 pm


Has anyone got a built digilite PCB (pref 5.9) that they are not using? Don't need the USB module or VCO but would consider them if necessary.

PM me on the forum or email me at noel at noel and sally dot net


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Re: Wanted - Digilite

Post by sean2e0saf » Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:16 pm

i have a complete running digi-lite noel with ddk fitted and free running vfo ADF4360-5 with freq readout all in nice case i think its a 5.7 board..

the vfo kit has been fitted by me to the ultram vfo..

output is 14.4mw

there is a fan cooling the voltage reg 's that are on a small heatsink

the thing is to be fair i have no idea what its actually worth but i can say i wouldn't take less than £250 for it..!

im only letting it go as i fancy a dtx-1 in the new year
23cms AATV from io83qn ( wn68ns )
23cms DATV from i083qn ( wn68ns )
70cms DATV from io83qn ( wn68ns )

wimo shf-2344
parabeam 70cms/18ele


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