New DATV Repeater NoV - GB3JT Hastings

Locator: JO00HV
Location: Hastings
Repeater is Work in Progress. Operational TX 24/7 Omni Slot.
TX Output Digital 1318 MHz DVB-S 4 Msymbols 1/2 FEC
RX Input Analogue 1249 MHz Analogue
RX Input Digital 1249 MHz DVB-S 4 Msymbols Auto FEC
RX Input Digital 437 MHz DVB-S 2 Msymbols Auto FEC (WIP)
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New DATV Repeater NoV - GB3JT Hastings

Post by G8PUO » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:16 pm


The new DATV 23cm repeater will be located on the excellent site also shared with GB3HE - The Ridge in Hastings. Our aim is to instill rekindled ATV interest amongst the local community and clubs, plus introduce new blood into the hobby, through another 'mode' of communication that many may not have used, or even seen, before.

Details of our DATV Repeater, progress, and projects, can be found on our forums and RILGES Repeater Group website below.

Would also like take this opportunity to also thank the RNARS 'crew' at HMS Collingwood, Peter G3PYB, Noel G8GTZ and BATC, for their support and look forward to getting our system together, built, up and running, as soon as we can. Appreciate we have some work to do but hopefully all can be operational before our inaugural Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair in June.

Many thanks
Dave G8PUO
RILGES Repeater Group
KRG - Kent Repeater Group

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