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Ofcom letters

Post by g8gtz » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:40 am

Not really a spectrum matter but FYI below is a note from G4FSG (chair of RSGB board) posted on the UK microwave yahoo reflector - it probably won't do any harm to email ofcom at arl2015@ofcom.org.uk and point out the error of their ways!


Noel G8GTZ


As you will be aware, Ofcom are required to give all licensed radio amateurs notice that they intend to vary licences in line with their decisions following last year’s consultation. That process has now begun and letters are being sent out.

It has been brought to the RSGB’s attention that some amateurs have received a letter suggesting that their callsign now includes the RSL “E”. Ofcom have confirmed that this is an error and not a change in policy. I am advised that Ofcom intend to publish an explanation on their website (which we will replicate on ours as soon as it appears).

Graham Murchie G4FSG
Chairman, RSGB Board

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