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IARU 23cms update

Post by g8gtz » Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:46 am

2 more documents from the IARU team led by Barry G4SJH have been published on the IARU region 1 site.

The first one is the IARU R1 response to the EU commission requesting for input to help determine the EU position at WRC 23. Note this also includes a briefing on1,300 to 1,325 MHz, 3.4 and 10GHz which are also "being looked at", as well as 23cms below 1,300MHz......

There was never a more important time for ATVers and Microwavers to support the work of the IARU - you can do this by joining and supporting your national society.

In the UK the RSGB may not always be the most popular organisation but they do good work behind the scenes and fund / support Barry and others to prepare for and attend these meetings to fight our corner. Certainly worth the £4.33 a month standing order and less than a pint of beer!

Barry says:
In a collaboration between the IARU-R1 Spectrum and Regulatory Liaison Committee (SRLC) and the Political Relations Committee (PRC) an IARU Region 1 response has been provided to the European Union consultation on the WRC23 agenda items.

All the agenda items of interest to the IARU are covered with particular attention paid to the AI9.1b issue on the GALILEO / 23cm band amateur service coexistence. This is an important messaging activity and the IARU response again underlines the IARU view that with only two cases of interference recorded globally, the potential for interference is being over-stated and that any regulatory solutions should be proportionate, realistic and appropriate and should not hinder the future development of amateur services. The IARU would be pleased if member societies could share these same views with their national regulators.

The full IARU R1 response can be found at
https://www.iaru-r1.org/wp-content/uplo ... mitted.pdf
Secondly the CEPT project team SE40 that is carrying out the CEPT studies on the RNSS/23cm band topic met during the week 25 – 28th July 2022. The IARU provided a contribution and participated in the meeting supported by USKA.

Good progress was made but further work continues to be required to finalise the conclusions from the studies. The IARU continues to be concerned about the lack of consideration being given to the low probability of interference and more work is needed on this aspect. A summary report can be found at
https://www.iaru-r1.org/wp-content/uplo ... E40_77.pdf

Update - Link to Summary Report now corrected.

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