23cms and the threat from Galileo

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23cms and the threat from Galileo

Post by g8gtz » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:41 am

This is not intended as a doom and gloom message but the worldwide ATV community should be aware of the potential threat to 23cms.

This headline is from a CEPT paper from France, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia and the Netherlands which will be discussed at WRC19 with a view to making decisions at WRC23 (only 4 years away):

23cms and Galileo.JPG
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Our friends at IARU and RSGB are well aware of the issue and planning / making responses but in the worst case this could have a serious impact on 23cms between 1240 and 1300MHz, especially for wide band modes such as ATV, and we have already seen several TV repeaters in Germany shut down.

In the UK we are more fortunate in that we have 1300 - 1325MHz but this certainly mean a reshuffle of the band plan with potentialy all ATV activity focussed in the 25MHz - it could present some interesting challenges for 23cms repeater keepers with inputs and oiutputs in the same band!

Please lobby and support your national society as they continue to fight our corner.

Noel - G8GTZ

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