BATC Shop Delays During COVID 19 Crisis

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BATC Shop Delays During COVID 19 Crisis

Post by G8GKQ » Tue Mar 24, 2020 12:46 pm

Noel and I will make best efforts to keep the BATC Shop running during the COVID 19 crisis, but dispatch times may be extended as we will be unable to routinely visit our Post Offices.

Some items will not be available during the crisis due to difficulties in production or posting. We have set the available stock of these items to zero.

Please keep constructing and get on the air!

Dave, G8GKQ

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Re: BATC Shop Delays During COVID 19 Crisis

Post by G8PEF » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:07 pm

EDIT/UPDATE #2, 26/03/20:
After some digging at my end, and prodding of people further up the chain, it appears that someone might have misunderstood something that Royal Mail had told them - so I can now say that we can stop worrying about it (for now) as RM currently plan to continue deliveries to business addresses "for the foreseeable future" (however that long is, in the current climate ;) )

Sorry for any confusion caused (hangs head in shame...)

EDIT/UPDATE: 26/03/20:
Following some further enquiries, it seems that there will not be a blanket suspension of deliveries to business addresses, after all - I'm still trying to find out if it was a only a localised suspension of delivery services that prompted the message to be sent out to all our sites, country-wide, in error...

<original message follows>
Thanks for the info, gents...

Just a further snippet that came in on our corporate messaging system a few minutes ago, that might be useful to know - Royal Mail are to cease deliveries to business premises from tomorrow; so if ordering, ensure that you're having things delivered to a residential address, if you want to receive it in a timely manner.
It's not clear what businesses who are still open will have to do, to get their mail, but I suspect they'll be having to collect it from the Delivery Office.

Stay safe, people
John G8PEF

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