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LimeSDR Mini available from Members shop

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:52 am
by g8gtz
The LimeSDR mini is supported by the Portsdown DATV system and is now available in the BATC shop (for BATC Members only) as a direct alternative to the Portsdown filter-modulator board and provides coverage from 30MHz to 3.5 GHz. ... eview=true

While the Portsdown Filter Modulator board might be the best solution for high symbol rate DVB-S QPSK, the LimeSDR Mini offers the potential to transmit more bandwidth efficient modes such as DVB-S2 32APSK at 1 MS and below and is ideal for Es’hail-2.

For more details see and the forum thread dedicated to the LimeSDR Mini viewforum.php?f=120

The LimeSDR Mini can also be used as a standalone SDR receiver covering 30MHz to 3.5GHz.


1: BATC do not provide support for this product. All support is provided by the manufacturers through the Myriad RF Website and forum: No telephone or e-mail support is available.

2: BATC is only permitted to ship the LimeSDR to the UK and Europe. Whilst you could order for shipment outside these areas, the shipping cost is set deliberately high to prevent orders from being placed and it is cheaper to buy directly from Crowd Supply in the USA.

3: BATC reserves the right to refuse orders from Countries outside the UK and Europe.

4: When using the LimeSDR Mini in a Portsdown system, as well as not needing the Filter Modulator board, you do not need to buy an ADF4351 Local Oscillator board or to buy and build an LO filter module - a typical saving of £45.

5: When comparing with the US retail price of $159, remember to add the $15 shipping charge plus ~ 22% UK VAT and import duty - approximate total cost = £167.

LimeMini SDR back in stock

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:40 pm
by g8gtz
After a quick break to make sure there were no problems with the first 25 (and to give the shop elves a break) the LimeMini SDR is now back in stock in the BATC members shop