Serit tuner and Portsdown update

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Serit tuner and Portsdown update

Post by g8gtz » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:24 pm

We now have 20 more Serit tuners and adapter kits. These will be available early next week and to give everyone a chance to buy them, I will put them in the shop in 2 batches with 10 on Monday evening and 10 on Tuesday afternoon.... - if I remember, but no doubt you'll email me if I don't :-(

There are also a few more Serit tuners which will go in at the same time - we are about to order another 100 but they are on 8 week lead time.

Also we have been advised that 30 more blank Filter modulator boards, 75 GPIO and 75 4 band decoder PCBs have just left China and will be here middle of next week.

Latest update on the assembled Filter Modulator boards is that we expect to collect them next week but they will need testing, reworked as per the wiki article ... ifications and retested before despatch.

And please don't ask me to reserve one for you - our s/w doesn't allow it! (But our new one which is nearly ready for release just might - Wordpress using Woocommerce as the shop module - very exciting for me :-)

Keep monitoring here for further updates.

Noel - G8GTZ

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