Portsdown EasyCaps Out of Stock

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Portsdown EasyCaps Out of Stock

Post by G8GKQ » Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:44 pm

The Portsdown EasyCaps are out of stock until further notice.

I have not been able to find replacement stock at a reasonable price for the exact model of EasyCap that works with the Portsdown transmitter. Specifically, this is the Fushicai UTV007 with device ID: '1b71:3002 Fushicai USBTV007 Video Grabber [EasyCAP]'.

Having bought 500 in the past 3 years from our Chinese supplier, they are now demanding a minimum order quantity of 1000, which is not practical for the BATC.

I have some other models that are easier to obtain and hope to modify the Portsdown software to use them. When I have done this, I can make arrangements for them to be available again in the BATC Shop.

Dave, G8GKQ

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Re: Portsdown EasyCaps Out of Stock

Post by DL5BCA » Mon Aug 17, 2020 5:24 pm

I use LogiLink VG0001A with the Portsdown4 and Raspberry4.
It works without installing something.
73 Thomas

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