use of RPi and TS1 with DTX1

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Re: use of RPi and TS1 with DTX1

Post by VK5YYY » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:09 am

Hi Martin
I tried unsuccessfully to interface transport stream to home style DVB-T modulator
We did have success with an interface between transport stream output from a sat box to asi
I was interested in the circuit and maybe give it another try when I get some time using the BATC interface board
The general idea was to use it for a DVB-S to DVB-T repeater like we use in VK
Since then VK5BD and I developed a HDMI base repeater which we installed this week
Cheers Roger
Sat box TS to DVB-T modulator
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Sat box TS to TTL to ASI interface
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