red text blurred

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red text blurred

Post by alexgee » Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:28 pm

I have a problem with red text or graphics appearing very blurred. Sort of looks like an out of focus shadow on the right hand edge of the red characters.
Am using S-video input.
If I connect the same video source directly to a monitor or to a DVB-T modulator then it appears clear so the problem does seem to be generated within the DTX1.
Has anyone else experienced this or can suggest if there might be a setting in the modulator to improve this? There are many settings but not a lot of detail as to what each does.


** edit: OOps, connection to the DVB-T modulator (HiDes) was through a HDMI input not analogue which may be why the picture including red text is crisp with no bleeding of colours. I'm probably expecting too much from the DTX-1's analogue inputs.
I have improved the picture quality with careful juggling of the contrast, colour and brightness settings in the modulator. Perhaps antennair might one day include a HDMI input.

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Re: red text blurred

Post by 2E0DTX » Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:42 pm

Hi Alex

That's a surprising report - please try a new good quality S-Video 75 Ohm cable? Lots of cheap eBay ones are poor quality alas. We have a dual DVB-T Quadrant running at Bridgewater Hall (prestigious concert hall venue) and they feed text from a PC card into the S-Video input to good effect. The input circuits are the same only the encoding differs (T not S). What exactly is your video source?


Laurence M0LDZ

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