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Out of Warranty Board Repairs to DTX1

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:10 pm
by 2E0DTX
Hi all,
As many of the original batch are now out of warranty, Antennair are pleased to offer an out-of-warranty service plan for DTX1 boards that are faulty, however seriously, as long as it's not liquid damage, fire or obvious abuse, for £150 all-in on an EXCHANGE basis. This includes return carriage and VAT within the EU or, if the owner is in the EU but not UK and can provide us with a VAT registration number in their country, £125 all in.
Overseas i.e. NON EU owners (e.g. USA, Australia) would also pay £150 all-in with no VAT - to include the extra shipping and insurance costs.
Arrangements for in-warranty repairs remains unchanged of course.


Laurence 2E0DTX