DTX1 Spectrum

Help and support for the BATC DTX1 ATV digital encoder and modulator system
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DTX1 Spectrum

Post by G8DPH » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:25 pm

We are told to use a filter on the output because of unwanted signals
I've made some measurements on the output. My analyzer only goes up to 3GHz but here are the results:

This is the spectrum of the DTX1 set to 1275MHz

DTX1 set to 437MHz

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Re: DTX1 Spectrum

Post by g4wvu » Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:33 pm

They don't need a filter any more than any other kit IMO. - certainly at the 70cm & 23cm frequencies.
The closer in spectrum is really very clean as long as as the output level is being used generally at more than about 50% (so the wanted RF signal is well above general digital noise etc.) I measured non Harmonic related spurii at better than -60dB on 437 with the output at 100% on the unit I have here. Harmonics of the wanted are obviously not a concern as the amps/PA will have their own LPF/BPF (or should ;-) )
Antennair are just being safe / cautious I suggest. (- sensibly)



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