Introducing the BATC DTX1 digital encoder/modulator

Help and support for the BATC DTX1 ATV digital encoder and modulator system
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Introducing the BATC DTX1 digital encoder/modulator

Post by G8GKQ » Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:36 pm

The BATC DTX1 digital encoder / modulator has been developed specifically for ATV use on 70 and 23cms. It is designed and manufactured in the UK for the BATC by Antennair in Manchester and, although based on their consumer product, it has special ATV software. It is now available to members through the BATC shop:

The BATC DTX1 is only available from the BATC online Shop, and is not available directly from Antennair. For sales enquiries, please use the online form at Pre-sales enquiries will not be answered by Antennair - they are only providing post-sale technical support.

To see more detail on the BATC DTX1, please visit where you can download the user guide and other documentation.

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