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Help Needed with a 1" VT Tape

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:31 am
by VTMan
Hello everyone,

I have been recommended by someone to come here for help. I have recently purchased a 1" VT Tape and it was said to me that maybe there might be people on here who could play the tape to see what was on it or even make a copy on DVD.

Thanks in advanced.

Re: Help Needed with a 1" VT Tape

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:36 am
by g8lce
Try looking for a television museum where there may be a VPR2 or some other VT machine still running. It also will depend on the recording machine and standard. The museum may still not want to play your tape if it is not in good condition. is run by radio amatuer Brian, but I don't know if he has a running machine. Bradford may have one.

Martin G8LCE