ATV In The Havant Area

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ATV In The Havant Area

Post by G7UCL » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:14 am

Hi all
Please be gentle with me, I am new to this ATV lark hi Hi
Ok, so I have acquired a 23cms ATV system, including a beam antenna, which I have fitted up in my garden, at the moment it is only on a 10 foot pole atop a rotator, but I am hoping to get it put u[ higher sometime in the near future
I am led to believe that GB3IV is Digital only, which explain why I cannot receive anything from it, I am only using Analogue
I was wondering if anyine in my area still uses Analogue, and if so, would kindly help me out with getting mine all set up and tested, I would love to be able to chat to and see others, I have all other bands so can do talk back (I believe most people use 144mhz for TB
ALL help would be GREATLY appreciated, I am in Warren Park Havant, so if anyone is close by and would be willing to give me some help I would really be thankful.

73 de G7UCL Sally

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