Two Rants and a Plea

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Two Rants and a Plea

Post by EA7KIR » Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:54 am

I can find lots of instructions telling how to download stuff to a Windows PC and how to connect this to that, etc, etc. But I can't find anything telling how most of this stuff works and what's going on. There is no general description of how a system might work. Not even simple things like what type of signals flow between each block. One can wade through GitHub, but not everything there is source. Trying to read in-between the lines is difficult. END OF 1st RANT.

I haven't followed the masses, so I don't have a Windows PC and I don't want one. But within the spirit of amateur radio is the willingness to share. So I'm surprised so many enthuse over F6DZP's proprietary MiniTiouner software - albeit free to use. It being closed source (including the serial command protocol flowing between the PC and tuner) prevents others from experimenting. In particular, it is preventing me from implementing an Apple macOS application which could communicate with the hardware in a way that pleases me. END OF 2nd RANT.

Maybe I just haven't searched hard enough. So, if anyone knows where to look, please let me know.
Michael EA7KIR

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Re: Two Rants and a Plea

Post by radiogareth » Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:07 am

And there you have it....its all FREE software written by volunteers and user notes can take up more time than writing it in the first place, so the developers use what they choose to, just as you have chosen to use a Mac.
I believe the flow of code from the NIM to the processor is propriety and the NIM manufacturer only released it under a non-disclosure agreement which may or may not involve fees or legal speak/involvement.
To quote Spock (if you can quote a fictional character) "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".

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Re: Two Rants and a Plea

Post by MW0RUD » Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:57 am

I understand the frustration, I hit the steep technical learning curve at the beginning of 2020 and spent much time digging around on GitHub and reading all the things trying to catch up on everything everyone else had learned slowly over several years.

LongMynd is open source and runs on Linux and does all the hardware interfacing to the MiniTiouner hardware. I'm not aware of anyone who has tried to get it running on macOS however.

I also don't have Windows which is one of the reasons Ryde is designed to be able to be built and used without ever needing Windows.

As Gareth says, docs take time so there is a trade off between writing more detailed technical documentation and adding more features/fixing more bugs. The most technical Ryde documentation is the README on GitHub that is designed as an advanced user guide and fully explains all the config file and API options mostly aimed at integrators. If you have specific questions about the Ryde internals I'm happy to try and answer them or I can probably write something more general if enough people are interested.


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Re: Two Rants and a Plea

Post by G8GKQ » Tue Apr 13, 2021 1:42 pm


We have tried to put all the Portsdown (DATV DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-T Transmit) software on GitHub. All the LongMynd (and WinterHill) software for DVB-S and DVB-S2 receive is also on GitHub. Unfortunately, a Non-disclosure agreement prevents us publishing the DVB-T receive code to use with the Knucker Tuner.

It can all be found here:

As a lone developer supporting over 30,000 lines of code in the Portsdown project there is just not time for me to write developer's notes in addition to user's notes.

The LongMynd receive software will run on most Linux platforms. I would suggest that you start by trying to compile it for your Mac. It will output a transport stream that you can play using VLC.

Dave, G8GKQ

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Re: Two Rants and a Plea

Post by M0MOI » Thu Apr 15, 2021 1:26 pm

Couldn't agree more with your sentiments; I too prefer a Mac and see the Minitioune software as proprietary even if free. But the NDA lies in the past and we can do nothing about it.
You could try using LeanDVB software
I'm sure there's another piece of software which also does not use a NIM but I found it very fiddly to set up and have a strong suspicion it was Windaz based and possibly not open source either.

HTH Steve

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Re: Two Rants and a Plea

Post by M0MOI » Thu Apr 15, 2021 1:35 pm

Here's the other software decoder: Download Link:

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