Telford & DARS ATV Academy 4th/5th Aug 2018

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Telford & DARS ATV Academy 4th/5th Aug 2018

Post by heatherlomond » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:12 am


Over the first weekend in August TDARS are holding an ATV event aimed at getting more people on air with Amateur TV.

We will kick of at 10am on Saturday 4th August with a couple of presentations about ATV by Noel Matthews and Dave Crump and then dive in for a full day of workshops and Clinics. Bring your Portsdown / Minitiouner / 5.6GHz Drone hack or anything else ATV along and Noel, Dave and various TDARS members will be on hand with suitable soldering and test equipment to help you finish your project, get it configured, set up and working.

There will be a lunch option at reasonable cost so that you don't have to take too much time out of the fun and games with soldering irons and electrickery. If there is enough interest we will all head over to a local pub for a relaxed dinner on Saturday evening.

On Sunday 5th August we will try to get as many people on air as possible. If numbers permit we will have a team set up on a nearby hilltop and we can get some decent QSOs going, try out your newly finished kit and maybe borrow the bits you still haven't got working so that you can get on air.

Venue: Eaton Manor Country Estate, Eaton-under-Heywood, Church Stretton, Shropshire. SY6 7DH

We cannot offer accommodation but if there are enough people wanting to stay over then we can do a house booking with Eaton Manor estates at very reasonable rates.

Please contact Heather Lomond on or 07802 548 938 to book a place.

Heather M0HMO

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Re: Telford & DARS ATV Academy 4th/5th Aug 2018

Post by M0YDH » Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:04 pm

That's excellent Heather! I'm looking forward to it very much. I've collected a Portsdown patient from my neighbour G7MEG. I've a SUP-2400 down converter to modify, the DATV station to check for spectral purity and a poorly 23cm beam. My son Peter M6EMP has a 5.6GHz drone gear station to assemble for me.
I hope my Portsdown will no longer be the only one working in the region. CAT 18 is going to be a much more relaxed affair for me without all the rush to test gear. :)


David M0YDH

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Re: Telford & DARS ATV Academy 4th/5th Aug 2018

Post by G3JZF » Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:59 am

Hi Heather

I plan to attend the event on Saturday and hope to stay overnight. On Sunday I intend to travel back this way and set up portable on Barr Beacon which has line of sight to Long Mynd at a distance of about 50 Km.

I am bringing my Portsdown and 30watt amplifier for 70 which I would like to set up on a spectrum analyser.

I have two working Minitioners and a Freeview receiver set up for 23.

If you can point me to a local B&B, I would be pleased.

Many Thanks


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Re: Telford & DARS ATV Academy 4th/5th Aug 2018

Post by M0NRD » Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:43 pm

A big thank for making me feel welcome today, well worth the drive from Nottinghamshire. Gleaned lots of information and a fuller understanding seeing some kit in action. Came away with yet another project! to build a MiniTiouner - added bonus to see my Pluto SDR outputting some DVB-S and the kind comments on my 5.6GHz kit, still in it's infancy.

Have a good day tomorrow up on the Long Mynd, sorry couldn't do both days but hope to get out in the morning locally to have a go.

Cheers again


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