Cardiff Microwave Roundtable - March 7, 2020

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Cardiff Microwave Roundtable - March 7, 2020

Post by MW0LNA » Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi folks,

Sorry for the very late announcement here! Next weekend we're again hosting a one day meetup with talks, measurements, and socializing here at Cardiff University. The full program and registration is up on the Cardiff University Amateur Radio Society website.

Phil Longhurst GW8BVI is going to be giving a talk on Interlacing and HD for DATV Express & LimeSDR.
Interlacing is a 1930's technique which has a lot of benefits and is still in use today (1080i HD). But it is a pain to get it right and if you don't the results look terrible! Using paid s/w (Vmix) and free s/w (OBS broadcaster) it can be done if you know how. 1080i HD looks fab and can be transmitted via a mere 1MS/s DVB-S2 with low-latency h.264 (not even the latest 4K HEVC) phys channel.
The other talks of the day will cover a variety of topics including several talks from students and researchers about their projects and how to apply them in Amateur Radio systems.
  • Cardiff RAYNET's Mesh Network
  • Gallium Nitride and RF Power Devices
  • Building a 1.3 GHz beacon with the PlutoSDR
  • Using tranistor load lines to design amplifiers
Looking forward to seeing some of you next weekend!

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