Gibertini satellite dishes

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Re: Gibertini satellite dishes

Post by HISAT » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:09 am

Thanks Nigel - yes as he said - I need more people in all parts of the country to want this dish delivered in order that I can justify delivering the dishes myself (mostly I need to cover my fuel costs but it would be nice to make a profit too)

at the time of Writing Nigel in Newbury says he wants a 1.25 and I just took an order for an 85cm to be delivered in Coventry area - which I will pack and send later today if I don't get at least one more person either in Nigels area or on the way so if you live somewhere between me in North Wales and Newbury I could deliver to both you and Nigel for less than the price on ebay or my website 1.25 + delivery in those areas even if there was just one more person today would be £170 if there were more than one I can start making a profit as I said and make the price even less - the important thing for everyone else is let me know you're interested and can wait and that way I can call interested parties back 07808607502 is my number - I'm friendly , honest :)

by the way - another reason to visit Harlech is we now have officially the Steepest Street in the World (we've been on every news program and many TV programs this week :) )


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