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Disposal list

Post by G8GQS » Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:54 am

Periodically I have a panic about space, so here the list of stuff to go!

Barco 3/37 grade one 14" rack mount colour monitor for sale in working order, could do with a bit of TLC but has a fairly good picture on it, the shadow mask tube looks to have a good emission. This 3/37 has the extra switches for pulse cross display,

Two cox extenders for the 153 coder or similar

3 Sony Extenders for BVP330 camera.

Barco 3/37 extender card.

Large and heavy rack mount computer with a 386 I think + lots of plug in cards, graphics origin.

Large Computer tablet, about 18 x 24 inches. May be related to above computer. No details.

Systems Video 1258 waveform monitor.

Systems Video 1255 Vectorscope, working.

Ex BBC component DA frame with 8 x 3 DAs (silver units), Free!

Equipment Handbooks
Ikegami TM10-19RP Service Manual as new
Ikegami TM10-16R/RP Service Manual as new
Ampex CVR-75 Vol 1 Maintenance used/poor
Ampex CVR-75 Vol 2 Maintenance used/poor
Ampex CVR-5 Maintenance used
Tektronix 730 W/F Mon Service as new
Barco CM33 colour monitor service h/b as new
Grass Valley 200 Mixer handbooks 3 vols. As new

Big items are collect only!


Brian Summers G8GQS 01276677879
Regards Brian

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