CQ-DATV 74 out now

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CQ-DATV 74 out now

Post by g8cjs » Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:31 am

CQ-DATV Magazine issue 74 is now available as a free download from https://www.cq-datv.mobi/74.php
As always it is available in several formats including eBook and PDF.

In this issue Trevor has been looking at the Apollo 11 moon landings (it is after all the 50th anniversary of this event). Trevor has focused on the TV camera they took along and the recordings that were sadly lost. Its an interesting story and for something that, was relayed live on an unusual format 320 line 10FPS. The transmission was via a 500KHz channel in the main Telemetry which was recorded and the pictures were also separated out and recorded on a 2 “ helical recorder and yet none of these recordings exist, only the quadruplex tapes that were the product of a poorly designed standards converter. Trevor has the full story in this issue.

Trevor has also progressed the Grass Valley mixer panel software, for those new to this magazine this part 7 of adding an I2c interface to this redundant panel, so it can be used as a standalone panel. The other 6 parts are in the CQ-DATV library which also has free access at https://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php.

We also have the ATV contest results for the IARU ATV contest

Peter Cossins VK3BFG and John Hudson G3RFL has been revisiting a home constructed field strength meter which uses an inexpensive eBay module the AD8318 module. This module has a bandwidth of 1MHz to 8GHz

Jim Andrews, KH6HTV has been updating the Boulder ATV repeater and also transmitting ATV from Pike’s Peak. Which is the highest mountain in the southern part of the front range of the Rocky mountains. It is 14,115 ft. high and towers over the city of Colorado Springs at 6,000 ft.

We also have the return of Micro and Corner which features three circuits from Mike G7GTN. Mike has put a compendium of projects together a debug board, a logic probe and an I2C VGA generator. Welcome back Micro Corner.

One From the Vault looks back at the new 4K TV standard well it was back when we published CQ-DATV 6, interesting to see how quickly technology dates and tomorrows world soon becomes something we all take for granted.

Lots more including the news and world roundup.

It hard work producing CQ-DATV, it started as an ATV magazine and still supports the people that like push pictures out on the amateur radio bands, but we would like it to be so much more with TV constructional projects and stories that carry interest from the birth of colour Television (a past story) and as in this issue how the Moon landings relayed their pictures back to earth and why the high quality recording that were made have disappeared. This is a wide mix of content and we are appealing for anyone that can write a story that they believe would interest our readers. Sorry we don’t pay for copy, but then we don’t charge for the magazine either. We can accept contribution as Word, email or PDF, please send the photographs separately to preserve the quality. Our contribution address is editor@cq-datv.mobi.

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