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CQ-DATV 69 available

Post by g8cjs » Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:01 pm

CQ-DATV 69 is avaiable for free download from https://www.cq-datv.mobi/69.php
In this issue, Trevor has written another installment of his series following the development of VTR. Trevor has moved on from C format to component recording and its introduction in the news world with ENG (Electronic News

Jim Andrews, KH6HTV explains how the Amateur Radio Emergency Services, or ARES to give it its sponsored name, works and in particular the Boulder County group called

Most satellite receivers and set top boxes have a function to display a signal report obtained by sequences of key strokes from a Hand Remote. Peter Cossins VK3BFG, describes a process where a Master Controller responds to a DTMF code and sends an ASCII Character to an IR Emulator circuit to replicate this function.

Mike Stevens G7GTN has been engineering a full custom control panel to use with the VMIX production & switching software. There will be a follow up article which will add source code, so we can all create a bespoke panel.
While on the subject of control panels,

Trevor has started looking at the inner workings of his Grass Valley mixer control panel. He has removed the custom micro and put together an I2C interface so the panel can be controlled by a different choice of micro. Trevor has used the ESP 8266, flashed with BASIC and has started by mapping out and controlling the panel lights. The I2C bus opens the door to control by almost any modern micro and not necessarily one running BASIC, although as Trevor comments it is starting to grow on him.

One from the Vault looks back at a Simple Preamplifier for DATV. This first appeared in CQ-DATV 5 published in September 2013 and designed by Richard Carden VK4XRL, have we really been going that long? Yes, but actually longer and it’s why we have added an electronic index to the CQ DATV library so you can easily search for any of our back articles.

As we always say, sit back and enjoy CQ-DATV 69.
CQ-DATV Production team

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