CQ-DATV 55 now available for free download

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CQ-DATV 55 now available for free download

Post by g8cjs » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:45 am

A Happy New Year to all CQ-DATV readers, issue 55 is now available for free Download from http://cq-datv.mobi/55.php
In this Issue Trevor looks back on Satellite transmission from the early days of Oscar 1 through to the first transatlantic transmission of live television by Telstar and beyond, including the first amateur reception of the ATS 6 satellite in the UK.
John Lannigan G8TDU has turned the clock back to days of the Sinclair Spectrum, that much beloved child of the 80’s and for some reason nobody knows why it was so loved
Andrew Mosley VK1AD designs a very simple to build 23cms aerial, looks ideal for an ATV repeater
Drew Wollin VK4ZXI takes a look at DVB-T/S measurement, analysis and monitoring software
Ken W6HHC delivers his DATV-Express Project - November update
Why not make a New Year’s resolution that 2018 is the year you are going to transcend being a CQ-DATV reader and become a contributor, everyone has a story and if its ATV related our readers would love to read it, you can contact us at editor@cq-datv.mobi.
Again Happy New Year from everyone at CQ-DATV

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