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CQ-DATV issue 50 (now ready for download). It does seem we have reached a milestone.
It was a brave move to set up a free ATV publication and it could have only been done by making it an electronic magazine and focusing it worldwide.
Why is it so important to reach worldwide audience? Well, the original concept was to write a few magazines, publish and people would download, read and the contributions would roll in, so we could just select and print the ones we thought publication worthy. So we were effectively running a newspaper without journalists or feature writers.
This failed and CQ-DATV 49 was thin to the point where we wondered if there would be a CQ-DATV 50.
We appealed for copy and articles emerged and we are
indebted to the people who took the time and effort to
contribute, their names are published alongside their articles.
If we are going to continue and buck the trend that other ATV
magazines are suffering, then we need to carry on this
impetus. So please read CQ-DATV 50, but ask yourself 'could
I contribute?' Do we have a local ATV repeater people would like to read about, have I been anywhere that has ATV activity
that I could share.
It’s not all about designing a complex circuit. We know people who can do this are perhaps a dying breed, but also we know some of you are still out there and we would love your input too.
The future of CQ-DATV is in your hands. If we want a free ATV publication every month, with a focus on our hobby, to grow ATV and keep it alive then it's down to you.
In this Issue (CQ-DATV 50)
• Production Team
• Editorial
• DATV News
• Silent key
• 50 Years of Colour Television
• Amateur Television Quarterly
• Results IARU ATV activity weekend/contest 2017
• Node MCU BASIC and I2C control
• TV Amateur
• A Digital World - An Introduction to DATV
• Building the Portsdown TX in the real world
• Digital-ATV Presentation to JPL Ham Club in Pasadena
• MP3 Sound Module Review & Application Notes
• A Simple Home Constructed Weather Station
• GB3FT - A 24cm Digital ATV Repeater for the Fylde Coast
• DATV-Express Project - June update report
• The popular Video sync generator; The new ‘Syncsmurf’!
• Coming up in CQ-DATV 51
So please join our Facebook CQ-DATV
Contribute via editor@cq-datv.mobi
Download CQ-DATV 5O
Download a back issue from
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