CQ-DATV 41 now available

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CQ-DATV 41 now available

Post by g8cjs » Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:40 pm

CQ-DATV 41 is now available for download, no charge, no log in, Just click and read.
This magazine is produced by amateurs with no commercial interests, there is no catch, other than we want you to enjoy our magazine.
Your download link is http://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php and you can download not only this issue, but all the past issues.
The contents of issue 41 are :-
• DATV News
• Editorial
• More boards?
• Record and stream live video!
• 50MHz Sine Wave Signal Generator
• DATV-Express Project - September update report
• Analogue 8x1 Video and Audio Switcher - Part 1
• DATV repeater linking
• Testing a cheap Chinese duplexer as a 70cm DATV DVB-T 7 MHz TX filter- Wow!
• Information
• Coming up
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